Available in the fall and early winter months; the Spartan apple was originally believed to be a cross between a McIntosh and Newton Pippin apple, however recent DNA testing has eliminated Newton as a possible parent.

What’s It Like?

  • Sweet-tart balance
  • Juicy
  • Crisp white flesh
  • All-purpose


The Spartan apple is an excellent cooking and dessert apple. Its firm flesh will hold its shape and maintain its sweet flavor when baked into pies, crisps and turnovers. Diced or grated Spartan apple will add sweetness and moisture to savory preparations such as fritters, cheese puffs and chutney. Its aromatic juice lends itself to cider, soups and jams. The flavor of the Spartan apple pairs well with blue cheese, parsnip, cranberries, pork, walnuts, onion, ginger, clove and rosemary.

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