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The Apple Farm is the current incarnation of the agricultural spirit that has animated this land for generations. Most recently apple trees have adorned these hills for a hundred years or more. Prior to that a vibrant Native American community of the Seneca Nation honored these grounds with their agricultural prowess.

We offer u-pick apples August – October, make our own apple cider and cider donuts fresh onsite and offer a variety of locally made products and fair-trade goods in our year round gift shop. We are constantly changing and evolving as we strive to build a sustainable, vibrant and unique farm experience for the community and a sustainable, supportive business environment for our employees. We are grateful for your support!

Our Blog Posts

  • Bejan – The Logician
    We have determined that Bejan is the logician of the Victor Apple Farm.  He prefers logician over the farm’s owner.  He values being a steward of the orchards, rather than their holder.  Adaptive and creative, Bejan figures things out, weaving pragmatism into prosperous vision. Although he grew up on the farm, he remembers never feeling […]
  • We are a Glyphosate free orchard
    Glyphosate is the active ingredient in roundup, the worlds most commonly used weed killer. It is a chemical that is intended to absorb into the leaves of a plant and travel all the way to its roots to kill it. Imagine what exposure to such a chemical could cause to your skin or digestive system. […]
  • Our Spray Policy
    While we are not an organic orchard we make every effort to minimize the use of pesticides. Our starting point is the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. This approach is developed by institutions like Cornell University and provides evidence based recommendations and strategies for managing, not necessarily eliminating, the multitude of micro-organisms, animals, plants and […]
  • How rich are we?
    Having spent most of my life on the farm there are many recurring themes that come and go as the seasons. Among them is the perception of financial abundance that emerges every Fall as thousands of families come to visit the farm to pick apples, eat donuts and take in the energy of the harvest. […]

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