Our Cider

Our cold pressed apple cider is nothing more than 100% pure apple juice.  The term “apple juice” is misleading as what is sold as apple juice is actually a combination of juice concentrate, water, sugar, other sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colors, etc.  Not only do we not add anything to our cider we do not use any rotten apples. Any apples that show signs of rot or decay will be removed from the production line and composted.

We crush the apples, press the mash and bottle the pure juice of the apples – no preservatives, nothing added, nothing taken out.

UV Treatment: Rather than using heat pasteurization to treat our cider we utilize Ultraviolet treatment which provides equivalent protection without altering the taste or texture of the juice. In this process the cider passes through a crystal cylinder through which ultraviolet light passes to denature and destroy any microorganisms that could cause illness.