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We grow 11 varieties here on the farm. Each variety ripens at a different time of the season allowing us to offer Pick Your Own from late August through the end of October. Every variety has unique qualities – explore our varieties here and find the right one for you.

Availability of each type varies throughout the year. Please check-in with us for current availability.

  • Cortland
    Cortland Available in the fall and winter; An older American variety, the Cortland apple is a cross between the McIntosh and Ben Davis apple. It has long been one of the most commonly produced apples in New York, consistently ranking in the top ten in the state. What’s It Like? Sweet-tart balance Crisp white flesh […]
  • Crispin
    Crispin Bite into a Crispin for a great crunch and mouthful of sweet juice. The original name for this exceptional apple was Mutsu, reflecting its Japanese heritage. It was renamed Crispin in the late ‘60s and has been gaining fans ever since. What’s it like? Sweet, yet very refreshing Very juicy Extra crisp Best Uses […]
  • Empire
    Empire Available in the fall and early winter months; Empire apples are a member of the rose family (Rosaceae) along with pears and quince. A successful cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh, the Empire contains flavor characteristics of both its parent apples. Empire apples were bred to resist pre-harvest fruit drop and have a low […]
  • Golden Delicious
    Golden Delicious Available mid-fall into the early winter months; an important American variety the Golden Delicious has been parent apple to many well know varieties such as Gala, Ambrosia, Mutsu, Pink Lady and Jonagold to name a few. While the exact parentage of the Golden Delicious apple is unknown it is believed by many to […]
  • Idared
    Idared Available mid-fall through the winter; first developed at the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in 1942. It is a cross between Jonathan and Wagener apples. What’s It Like? Tart and tangy Crisp white flesh Firm Juicy  Applications Perfect for applesauce; tartness allows for less (or no) sugar to be added. Very well suited […]
  • Jonagold
    Jonagold Available mid-fall through the winter; a cross of two important American varieties the Golden Delicious and Jonathan, the Jonagold apple has over seventy different strains, each which vary slightly in color, size and taste. What’s It Like? Sweet Crisp, creamy yellow flesh Juicy Aromatic honey-like scent Applications A popular dessert apple the Jonagold can […]
  • Macoun
    Macoun Available mid-fall into the early winter months; Macoun apples are a cross between the McIntosh and Jersey Black varieties  What’s It Like? Sweet and mildly tart Crisp white flesh Juicy Applications Excellent snacking apples. Goes well in salads, pies and applesauce. Macoun apples are generally only available in the fall and they do not […]
  • McIntosh
    McIntosh Available mid-fall into the early winter months; while the exact parental origin of the McIntosh apple is unknown it is known to be a relative of many popular new varieties such as the Empire, Cortland, Liberty, Macoun, Lobo and Spartan. What’s It Like? Tart – sweetens while ripening Crisp bright-white flesh Juicy Thick skin […]
  • Paulared
    Paulared Available in August into October; Paula Red apples were discovered around 1960 by grower Lewis Arends near a McIntosh block in his orchard in Michigan. He named the apple after his wife, Pauline. Paula Reds appeared on the market as a distinct cultivar in 1968. What’s It Like? Tart Juicy Crisp white flesh Pleasantly […]
  • Red Delicious
    Red Delicious Available in the fall through the winter; the Red Delicious apple is one of the most well know commercially grown apples in the United States. Throughout the years many different varieties have been developed in order to make improvements to the color of the apple as well as make it more suitable for […]
  • Spartan
    Spartan Available in the fall and early winter months; the Spartan apple was originally believed to be a cross between a McIntosh and Newton Pippin apple, however recent DNA testing has eliminated Newton as a possible parent. What’s It Like? Sweet-tart balance Juicy Crisp white flesh All-purpose Applications The Spartan apple is an excellent cooking […]
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