Available in the fall and winter; An older American variety, the Cortland apple is a cross between the McIntosh and Ben Davis apple. It has long been one of the most commonly produced apples in New York, consistently ranking in the top ten in the state.

What’s It Like?

  • Sweet-tart balance
  • Crisp white flesh
  • Juicy
  • Thin skin


Extremely slow to brown when cut, the Cortland apple is perfect for use in fresh apple preparations. Add cubed apple to green and fruit salads. Slice thin and add to sandwiches, burgers and quesadillas. Use in lieu of crackers and pair with sweet and savory dips or flavorful cheeses. The sweet tart flavor of the Cortland apple also shines in cooked preparations. Bake into cakes, tarts, cobbler, quiche and galettes or slow cook to make soups, sauce and preserves.

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