Our Apples

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To extend the shelf life of your apples it is advisable to refrigerate them immediately.  For long term storage we keep our refrigeration room close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This is generally colder than most household refrigerators and while it is at, or close to freezing, the natural sugars in the apples lower their freezing point thereby keeping them from freezing and spoiling. 

Separating Fruits and Vegetables

"If a large quantity of fruits and vegetables is going to be stored, it is advisable to separate the storage areas or add a central partition in a basement storage area to make two storage areas. Ideally, each area should have its own ventilation system. At least, store fruits and vegetables as far away from each other as possible. Wrapping fruits individually also helps to prevent cross-transfer of odors.

Do not store apples with potatoes or carrots. Ethylene gas produced by apples can cause potatoes to sprout and carrots to become bitter. Potatoes cause apples to take on a musty flavor. Cabbage and turnips can give their odors to celery, pears, and apples. Cabbage, kale, rutabagas, turnips, and winter radishes give off strong odors that could spread through a house, and, therefore, should be stored in outdoor storage areas only."

Our Location

We are located on State Route 444 about two miles south of the Village of Victor.

1640 State Route 444

Victor NY 14564